Five Questions for Winey Munkies

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Danielle Munk, Nichole Munk and Brian Cooper (not pictured) are the owners of Winey Munkies.

Danielle Munk, Nichole Munk and Brian Cooper (not pictured) are the owners of Winey Munkies. 2015

TIR: What is Winey Munkies and how did you come up with the name?
WM: Winey Munkies is a gourmet ice cream company that specializes in wine sorbet ice cream. The name was not difficult to come up with. We wanted to have a name that really captures the essence of our company and what we sell. Our last name is Munk and we wanted to include wine and possibly sorbet ice cream. Brian and I bounced a few names off each other one evening and one of the names we came up with was Winey Munkies. It was perfect and just stuck! (There may or may not have been wine involved that night.)

Is it wine ice cream, or wine plus ice cream, or both?
Our product is wine sorbet where wine is the main ingredient. The product is made in Gardnerville (shout out to our hometown!). We are not just taking your average ice cream and pouring wine over it. We are able to create custom types of wine sorbet using just about any type of wine, champagne or any other type of alcohol and pair it with any flavoring.

What flavors will you be serving?
Our goal is to have a large variety of wine sorbet from Peach Chardonnay, Chocolate Merlot, Raspberry Cabernet Sauvignon, Strawberry Champagne, Sangria and any other types that we may come up with.

What have the initial reactions been so far?
The initial reactions from the public have been great! Everyone we have mentioned the product to has responded with enthusiasm and cannot wait to sample it. We are beyond blessed to have so much support from our family, friends, and community. Reno is amazing.

When and where can people get a taste?
Once we get our internet page up and running people can visit that for details about where we will be doing taste testings and what events we will be participating in. We will be using social media as our main form of communication. Make sure to “Like” our page as we will be blasting blurbs about upcoming events and tastings. Look for our trailer at your favorite Reno event. We promise, you wont be able to miss us.

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