51 quirky treats statesOn 7/13/15,  USA Today posted a blog by Chris Brown, Jim Sergent, Sharyn Flanagan and Lindsay Deutsch selected and recognized 51 food trucks across the
United States and recognized and a “deliciously quirky treat” each food truck offers. Winey Munkies stayed busy the entire 2015 summer, enduring the blacktop heat and serving their alcohol ice cream and sorbets with a smile!

A great accomplishment for Winey Munkies! The company has only been operating for 4 months at the time they were recognized by USA Today. The team of bloggers selected Winey Munkies Red Raspberry Cabernet Wine Ice Cream based on the product’s unique attributes and innovative mix of ingredients to create a deliciously quirky alcohol ice cream dessert.
The exciting news penetrated the Reno Street Food community. Winey Munkies has had a lot of support their fellow food truck community in Reno, NV. It is not an easy task to get a food truck business up and operating with positive cash flow and it makes it a lot easier when there is such a strong culture created by all the food truck owners in Reno. Winey Munkies has shown great thanks and appreciation to the Food Truck Community in Reno.

Read the entire article here on the USA TODAY website.

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