The Department of Agriculture reported at the end of 2014 the sales of ice cream and frozen desserts rose 2.1 percent to $5.4 billion in sales. Last year the ice cream industry in the U.S. made approximately 872 million gallons of ice cream. On average American’s consumed more than twenty two pounds (22lbs) in a single year. For new ice cream companies to have success they must have (3) specific goals in their value proposition to achieve success; (1) a niche product, (2) high quality ingredients, (3) and a strong brand.

Nestled beneath the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Reno, Nevada, sits a couple of Munkies manufacturing alcohol ice cream confections. Winey Munkies is a new startup gourmet ice cream company led and operated by Danielle Munk and Brian Cooper. The couple is ready and excited to deliver their value proposition to their customers by bringing innovation and creativity to the ice cream industry. Danielle’s said her motivation behind her disruptive product line comes from her “love for wine and enjoyment of ice cream, so why not combine [her] two favorite things to make wine ice cream!”

Winey Munkies is waiting for you and your next special occasion (weddings, birthdays, company parties, bachelorette parties)! The company seeks to relieve the burden off of a party planner by supplying, alcohol and dessert.  If you are having a wedding they are able to supply a wide range of alcohol (i.e., tequila, whiskey, vodka, wine, and beer). If you are looking for a unique dessert their wine ice cream is rich in flavor and delicious. Winey Munkies has the capacity to meet many different occasions all of which can be customized to meet the customer’s’ specific needs to fit their personal taste and preference.

Winey Munkies is creating and delivering value for their customers who enjoy drinking wine and eating ice cream. Winey Munkies primary customers are any person who have the flexibility and willingness to introduce their pallet to try a non-traditional ice cream and sorbet products. As a new and emerging startup company, Winey Munkies is motivated to provide value by offering a high quality and unique dessert, wine ice cream and wine sorbet. Winey Munkies primary customer segment will have a unique opportunity to indulge in a scoop of wine ice cream, wine sorbet and other alcohol desserts.

Danielle is the brainchild behind the idea to bring wine ice cream to Northern Nevada. Her willingness to work hard is evident in the early success of the business. Danielle’s passion and understanding has allowed her and her boyfriend, Brian, to penetrate the mega barriers that lay in front of them throughout the early growth stage. Brian is currently finishing up his master’s degree in business having the opportunity to utilize what he is learning and applying it to Winey Munkies day to day operations. Together, the couple is excited to continue pushing forward with the goal of bringing their product to the retail market in 2016.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Danielle or Brian. Winey Munkies is active on most all social media platforms making it easy to find customer reviews and feedback. With respect to the competitive market, Winey Munkies has some huge mountains to climb; however, if they stay close to their mission they will experience a Hollywood ending of success.


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